In 2002, Uganda is introduced to the International Convention of the child rights. However, even today, several kids get engage in the army in Uganda. Not only in the side of the rebels but there is also some of them who are recruited by the government.

Why the rebels' leaders are looking to the children like a good way to get things done? Kids are good workers. First, they are easy to brainwash. Really rare are the adults that would agree to go in the rebels’ position and obey like a child can do it. Also it is pretty easy to take care of them since they don’t need too much food or to get pay that much. Finally, children have an undeveloped sense of danger. Unfortunately, the children are used in the front the get hurt and the adults stay safe.

This type of lifestyle brings a lot of consequences. Children are forced to kill their own family members. Later in the rebels’ camps they are forced to kill others child solders, their peers. They take part of the combats but they are also use as porters, cooks and spies. For the 40% girls, they have to satisfy the same requirements however most of them will be used as sex slaves. After being capture most of the children will spend all their life in the camps. In fact, there is sometimes a second generation in the group. Some kids of 5 years-old already need to take part in the war. Regretfully, they are not spared from the attacks, they often die.

All this violence left a huge aftermath. A lot of kids are desensitised to violence. Some of them are rejected by their community because of they killed neighbors or family members. Girls are rejected because they have babies with the rebels’ group. Children also have no tools to pursue a life since they have no education.  

Rumelle L.