Vocabulary Squares

By: Parker Dickens

CRYSTAL- made of clear; brilliant glass

My friend had a case for his phone, that is crystal.

SINEWY- tough and strong

My dad is very sinewy., from working out when he was younger.

BRAWNY- strong and muscular

John Cena is a brawny man and wrestler.

PARSON- minister

I have a preacher at my church named Larry, he is a wonderful minister.

WROUGHT- shaped by hammering

My dad had to wrought a motocycle into it's shape.

HAUNCHES- upper legs and hips of an animal.

My dog is very small, yet her haunches are big in size.

Questions: 1) No because if it is running, it would be moving it's haunches.

2) Yes, because brawny is very strong.

3) I would expect a a quarterback to have sinewy hands because it throws far distances.

4) Yes because crystal is breakable.

5) Yes because a church has a minister.

6) Yes because the definition says shaped by hammering.

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