Fibrous Joint
April Anderson, Luke Moreau

Types Of Movement:

   The first type of Fibrous joint is the suture joint. This particular joint has very limited movement throughout a persons life. Around the time of birth they are somewhat malleable, but around age 1.5 years old, it hardens along with the rest of the skull.

   The second type is a Gomphosis joint which exists between your teeth and the sockets in your jaw. This joint does not allow movement to occur whatsoever.

   The third and final joint is the Syndesmosis joint, located in between the forearm bones. Unlike the first two types this last one connects the arm bones with long connective tissue fibers.

Specific Joint Type:

   Cartilaginous joints are those in which the bones are connected by cartilage. There are two types of cartilaginous joints: synchondroses and symphyses. In a synchondrosis, the bones are joined by hyaline cartilage.


   The fibrous capsule, continuous with the periosteum of articulating bones, surrounds the diarthrosis and unites the articulating bones; the articular capsule consists of two layers - (1) the outer fibrous membrane that may contain ligaments and (2) the inner synovial membrane that secretes the lubricating, shock absorbing, and joint-nourishing synovial fluid; the articular capsule is highly innervated, but avascular (lacking blood and lymph vessels), and receives nutrition from the surrounding blood supply via either diffusion (a slow process) or by convection, a far more efficient process achieved through exercise.

Specific Ligaments:

   There is only ligaments in your fore arm and they are the palmar radiocarpal, dorsal radioulnar, interosseos membrane of forearm.

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