Why Nepal Should Host the Olympics

      Physical Attractions:    1) Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is home to Mount Everest.    2) Nepal is home to the Annapurna Sanctuary, a high glacier basin surrounded by a ring of mountains.    3) The Royal Chitwan National Park, was Nepal's first national park.

         Human Features:   1) Nepal is home to many Buddhist and Hindu temples      2) Nepal holds many festivals    3) People could visit Nepal's government buildings

          Hotels:     1)Hotel Thamel ($27)     2) Kantipur Temple House ($62)
3) The Dwarika's Hotel  ($295) 

    Restaurants: 1) Utse Restaurant   2)  El Mediterraneo   3) Krishnarpan   4) Bhojan Griha   5) Le Sherpa

        Where in Nepal could the Olympics be held?
1) Himalayas: Downhill Skiing    
2) Dasarath Rangasala Stadium: All purpose stadium/field
3) Pokhara Rangasala: All purpose stadium/field


Mt. Everest/Himalayas
Dasharath Rangasala Stadium
Pokhara Rangasala
Annapurna Sanctuary
Temples in Nepal
The Dwarika's Hotel
Uste Restaurant in Nepal

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