8.2 Reflections #19 and #20

A. Moore Mr. Kirkland's Math II 12-02-13

Problem 19

d. He would probably tell me to just practice getting the feel of the letters in order to write more neat. He would also say that I need to work on my "o"'s.

e. He may have used mirror-image writing to slow down his thoughts and allow him to clearly state what he was thinking. Also, it is a lot easier to write like this if you are left handed because it would feel more natural.

Problem 20

The cabinet is an example of a reflection because the handles and locks are in corresponding places and positions. Also, because the size of both doors are congruent.

The snowflake is an example of reflection because each side is an exact mirror image of the other side. (I did not count the bow because I could not take it off)

The light switch is an example of a reflection because of the position of the switch the the screw. Also, the sides of the panel are mirror images of eachother.