Cyber Bullying affects all types of kids in middle school on up to high school. bullying is common at schools with the development of technology, bullies are now targeting kids online . kids houses were thought to be a safe place  now some are even scared to go online, and with schools trying to help stop cyber bullying but they can only do so much to try and stop it. Some are trying to make it illegal with penalties with either a fine or serve time in jail. Bullying behaviors tend to show a decline with age, However, some studies show that the likelihood of being involved with cyber bullying as either a victim or a perpetrator increases with age although other studies report no difference between  age groups. Cyber bullies may have a negative and/or violent home. Cyber bullying can cause depression or thoughts of suicide, suicide is a major cause of depression and suicide among teens. Cyber bullying can cause people to get bullied at school. At least 20% of teens are cyber bullied or bullied to death. State and local lawmakers have taken action to prevent bullying and protect children through laws, each state addresses bullying differently. There are many roles that kids can play. Kids can bully others and can be bullied.

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2 years ago

Omg! So true! Thanks for sharing this tackk. Let's work together to stop ALL bullying!