My names means supplanter- I guess that means I like to take over.  I don't consider myself to be like that in all situations, but certainly it can be true at times.  (

The Classic Supplanter

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3 years ago

My first name means supplanter, but my middle name is my maiden name. I once found out that my middle name means baby carriage in Czech. I find that pretty interesting, and I am sure that it was something different before my grandparents moved here from Slovakia. My current last name is my husband's. It really bothered me that I had to change my last name. Your name is your identity. I still am bothered today that I had to change it, but I wanted the same last name that my children have. I wish they could have taken my maiden name. Names are really important. I try very hard not to call my students the wrong them. I find it rude. It might take me a long time to get a name, but I will remember it all year long. If I see a student after they graduate, I hope they will bear with me and give a hint before they laugh in my face for forgetting the name.