The 1930's

By: Ben Chowning

Construction began on the Hoover Dam in 1931 and was completed in 1935. The purpose of the dam was to protect Colorado and Arizona from the flooding of the Colorado river. It also provides water and power to the Southwest cities.

The Hoover Dam is located between Arizona and Nevada on the Colorado river. It's first name was the Boulder dam, but was renamed in 1947 after Herbert Hoover. The dam is 726 feet tall and 1,244 feet long. It was one of the largest man made structures during the 1930's.

The construction pushed the abilities of the builders to their limits. The hoover dam claimed the lives of 96 people out of the 21,000 men who worked on it.

The hoover dam provided thousands of jobs. During the construction, the United States was going through the Great Depression, and everybody was looking for a job.

The Hoover Dam was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation.

"In 1928 Congress authorized the Boulder Canyon (Hoover Dam) Project, and large appropriations began, for the first time, to flow to Reclamation from the general funds of the United States. The authorization came only after a hard fought debate about the pros and cons of public power versus private power." -

The dam holds back so much water that it deformed the earth's crust and caused 600 small earthquakes in the decade after its construction.

"Tumbling Tumbleweeds" By: Sons of Pioneers

The sons of Pioneers were a group who created music during the 1930's. They created a new style of music called western. The group consisted of Leonard Slye, Bob Nolan, and Tim Spencer. "Tumbling Tumbleweeds was one of their first songs.

Many important achievements were made in the 1930's. Two of the most well known are the Empire State Building and the Hindenburg.

On May 6th, 1937, the Hindenburg caught fire while in flight. It came crashing down and killed 35 people.

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