The Brotherhood of Equality

Stand for Whats Right, Even if You're Alone.

The Equality Flag

– The colour blue means wisdom and that is what Isonomia puts before anything.

-The Tree symbolizes the Tree of Wisdom.

-The strip of blue is to be looked as a sash that the citizens should wear metaphorically. 

The Truth Behind the Constitution

Constitution of

[insert Country name here]



The name of this country will be Isonomia.



The purpose of this country is to provide protection and equal rights for all.

The people of Isonomia have took it upon themselves to create a home where anyone can express themselves and hear others speak with total comfort and not have fear of what may become of the ones they love if they are not to follow injustice rules.

In Isonomia it is where the community has activities where children learn of real world problems and adults have free time to unwind.


The requirements that Isonomia has are to first acquire a residence card after performing a test that shows how a person will act to a situation. After gaining a residence card you are to live in a city where you will have to prove you want the world to become better. Citizens are to come to regular meetings and give hours to Isonomia so that their homes will become sheltered. With the hours that the citizens will give, citizens are to do useful actions to improve Isonomia.


The leader of Isonomia will be Baris Dunya.The type of government that Isonomia has is mostly made up of representatives that have a section where they speak to the people and take their ideas to the leader. While elections run as the citizens choose through many tasks and see who is fit to run the country. The protection of the government are very low due to the way that the citizens interact with the representatives and contribute to the way Isonomia is run.


The responsibilities of the government is to ensure the citizens are safe and also have the most freedom they can have. The government provides protection and a safe haven where the citizens are to encourage many ideas to Isonomia. The responsibilities of the citizens are to give hours to the government to make Isonomia a better place.


Some laws that defend the citizens are how people are to be encouraged to contribute as many ideas to Isonomia. Also citizens are to have many freedoms concerning being themselves and showing many ways to make Isonomia a safer place for everyone to come and make a home.

~Freedom of happiness, uniqueness(in courteous ways), and expressing yourselves.

~All citizens must have a University degree of some sort.

~There will be no examination among citizens.

~Stealing is illegal.

~The right to bear arms with only with accomplished the many tasks that will tell if the person will use the gun for only self-defense that is dearly needed.

~The freedom of speech, weather it be on paper or expressed upon the people.

~The freedom of religion and the practice of a person’s religion in their homes.

~It is illegal for citizens to take any form of nonprescription drug.

~It is illegal to abuse of a living being, this includes animals.

~It is illegal for citizens to consume alcohol that are under the age of 21.


The education systems are like the ones in the United States, Elementary, Middle, High School, and University. It will somewhat be a form of free education but if a citizen wants to go into school the way they will pay back is by having good grades and get a career in their degree. Every person of Isonomia will have to attend a University of their choice without exception, Universities will be payed off with the student getting a career that is based off of their degree to contribute to Isonomia. The citizens that will not attend any form of education will have to get a job that is left over of the ones that usually are not first-choice jobs.


The meaning behind our flag is mostly made of colours and objects that mean wisdom, and because of this Isonomia makes the wisest decisions it can for its people. The colour blue alone means Wisdom, and the Tree is like the Tree of Wisdom. Also since the Tree is on a line of blue so that it looks like a sash ,so that the citizens metaphorically choose Wisdom over anything.


Bariş Dünya

Figure Head: Baris Dunya

Characteristics and Abilities

Our Leader Baris  rather than use force and decide strength over intelligence, he wants peace and freedom for all, in a way no one will get hurt. He is kind and wants people to walk with no fear or worries. Though someone may mistake him as foolish and overly sympathetic, he has the ability to quiet down a room of infuriated congress men or thrill a crowd that has been through hours of boredom. His way of getting to people and convincing is through his mesmerizing words that seems to get anyone to agree with him.

The Story of Our Leader

Our leader Baris Dunya since birth was a very unique boy, that grew up to be to leader of Isonomia. When Baris was put into school his teachers noticed that he would have what they would call "weak" side to decision making. Baris was the odd one out of the group since his teachers would cast him out to the side, his peers would do the same. In Baris's younger days he would always be alone with no one to play with or even talk to. Baris's home would be no different because he would always be told to be "stronger" and man-up but would fail to show any improvement. When Baris was in High School Baris decided to make something of his time since he had so much because no one would invite him out, Baris began to write speeches of the things he was criticized for, soon Baris would be making letters of ways to improve the nation but when he would show them to his teachers, he was scolded and even put into hard labor. As the years went by Baris noticed that he would always be looked down upon, no matter what, and decided to take the challenge to change that. During Baris's last High School years he took it upon himself to be the best he can be. Take into mind that teachers  would make any assignment much more challenging for Baris, but with the determination that Baris had, he would fly past any assignment he was given. This only made Baris more intelligent and surpass any student or teacher. Baris was soon noticed by the best Universities in the country. Knowing that the higher ups would never allow a person like Baris into their University, Baris decided that he would change his views only to be allowed into the University, and use the resources the University has to make his dream, of a place where people can live in peace, come true. As soon as Baris had the chance he would run away from the country with the knowledge he has to make a safe haven. Baris did actually that and more, he created a home; Isonomia.


Against in peace

We stand for truth and wisdom

Isonomia is right

We will be strong

To fight peacefully

For we know the truth

We have the proof

To take you down

For there shall be peace

Propaganda Posters

The Reconstruction  Room

The Reconstruction Room is shown as a place where a person is taken to be refreshed and become a better person but in reality that is far from the truth, The Reconstruction Room is a place where a citizen from the Motherland(enemy) had broken or were even thought of committing a crime, is taken and is to be tortured because they did not show loyalty to Motherland(enemy). For example if a women was to be thought of being too provocative, she would be sent to the Reconstruction Room while her family was sent with letters saying that she was to be sent there because of something she had done very good. Because of that the family would disregard her not being at the house, thinking that she was having the time of her life but really she would want to forget that part in her life. She would be taken to the extreme and would have been put in the worst torture she could think of, the kind where she only would view the torture as a horrible thing. The Reconstruction Room is a place where there is no thing as good; the word good is far from that room. A person will come in as a sane human but then will come out as a machine that has been brainwashed to think one way. As a person is being brought to The Reconstruction Room there is no way they will come out the same ever again. The effect of The Reconstruction Room is grave, not only does it affect the person that has come in that horrible place but the person’s loved ones are hurt because they do not know that the loved one is really gone. The way a person comes out of The Reconstruction Room is very dreadful even if someone would like to save that person, there is no way they can get them back.

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