The Golden Age Of Athens

This is why YOU should come to ATHENS
By: Chase Wilhelm

You should come to Athens because doesn't everyone LOVE math well us Greeks have that just for you. Us Greeks love reasoning. We look for logical explanations . Our scientist Pythagoras believed numbers were the key to understanding nature ( He was right) Then he started teaching math in our classrooms now almost every kid here in Athens developed mathematics theories.

Don't you just HATE being sick well no worry here in Athens we have science  (medicine) a Greek man named Hippocrates changed the way we thought about health and medicine. Hippocrates knew that disease had natural causes ( He was right! )

Don't you just love wisdom so do we. We had philosophy  which means "The love of wisdom." So you can ask questions about ANYTHING!

Just look at that building ah it's so pretty. Greek architecture is so beautiful that's another reason you should come here to Athens. We have great temples  that's our best talent. Greek temples are many different sizes but most had a basic shape. Greeks love beauty and their awe with the gods.

Lets GO team LETS GO! Doesn't everyone love sports here in Greece we love it too. Us Greeks often hold  athletic events to honor our gods and goddesses. We have horse and chariot races, foot races,boxing, and a lot more! Every four years we hold the Olympic games!

Doesn't everyone just adore watching a good play in the theater. Us Greeks just adore theater we excel in drama (the art of theater) Going to the theater is a normal routine for us Greeks. Our theater the Dionysus could over 1,000 people. There were tragic and comedy performances. During the golden age of drama. We had a rich culture and history. Dionysus three main portions of Greek theater Skene, Orchestra, and Theatron.

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