United State Symbols

By Seally Corley

There's for United States Symbols flag,Star Spangle Banner,Bold Eagle,Pledge.

Bessy  Ross made the second flag of the United States.The flag was adopted in 1959.The flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars.The colors on the flag is red,white and blue.Flag day is on the 14th.

The United State song is called the Star Spangle Banner.The person who wrote the song was Francis Scott Key. The song talks about the flag and America.

Theres 31words in the pledge.I't was made in 1892.It was first called youth campanion.  It was made in 1942.

The bold eagle stands for freedom and power.The bold eagle was adopted in 1782.The bold eagle has 6 to 8 length wings.They can see good.