Being Successful in a Hybrid Course

It is my hope that everyone will be successful in our hybrid course. But, it does take a special type of attention. Much research has been done and here is the best summary I can find to give you:

1.  Develop time-management strategies. This was deemed "most important". Procrastination can cause a student to fall behind in a hybrid course. It is essential to develop self-discipline with adequate time to give to the course when we are not in session face-to-face. Set specific study days and times that you will devote to the course. Log in to Moodle every day and check for new postings. Take this quiz to see how prepared you may be!

2. Make the most of online discussions. Look for something to say to various peers throughout the discussion. Ask meaningful questions and expect responses. Watch this video on how to write a substantiative post.

3. Use a calendar. Go through the syllabus and mark all of the upcoming due dates into your Google calendar. Each "event" can send you a reminder via text, email, or pop-up. Watch the video located below!

4. Stay motivated. Without direct physical contact and interaction, it may be hard to keep interest in a course. Find some way to motivate yourself - a reward for an A at the end? Figure out what works for you.