Rules and Regulations Preserve Relationships and Reliability

Generally, it is believed and understood that the main purpose of having rules and regulations is for safety and security reasons as well as to ensure that orderliness prevails. However, enforcing some guidelines has a very great but less spoken of advantage; particularly in the context of relationships; not just romantic ones but otherwise too.

The deal is that if one establishes and then follows a set of ground rules, then, by virtue of living up to the commitments made, one would preserve their relationship. Additionally, being committed to following those rules with consistency also makes one known as a reliable person.Preserving a relationship basically means to keep the bond that one shares with another intact. Rules and regulations apply to all sorts of relationships i.e. spousal, romantic, parental, teacher-student relations and even friendships.

A fact that one has to realize is that having a set of guidelines does not mean anything hard and fast, or inflexible and rigid. It does not mean that one cannot have fun within the concerned relationship(s). It simply means that one ensures they follow basic human etiquette and decency; give respect and live up to mutually agreed upon commitments.

Sometimes the concept of following rules within a relationship of any sort gets quite tedious. Furthermore, it is often seen that as relationships grow stronger and bonds become deeper, people tend to take one another for granted. There comes a stage when one believes that they could say or do anything and get away with it because they are so close and frank to the other person.

However, that is not how things work and it is upon every individual to realize that no relationship can last if they do not follow basic societal rules such as giving as much if not more than what one gets, fulfilling one another’s rights and giving due respect.

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