Different Approaches Of Counselling – Understand The Therapy You Are Taking

The very idea of your mind not being on your side scares people. No matter what challenges life throws our way, many of us find way to overcome them in some form or the other. But if the situation is such that you are unable to control your fears and anxiety, When your own thoughts seem to out of your control, When you feel helpless and insecure to a level that your life seems worthless –It can be a pretty frightening experience. Not having the will to get your mind under your control is an issue that will require the best of your efforts to come out of. And seeking professional help in the form of counselling can be the best choice you will make in this scenario.

Professional counsellors use varied approaches to help their patients in dealing with their conditions and issues. These methodologies are used, both in accordance with the demands of the case as well as the skills of the counsellor. All of these approaches are equally effective in bringing results. Let us try and understand them a little bit better.

Person Centered Counselling

This approach assumes that every individual is capable and powerful enough in finding a solution to their problems. With this principle at the heart of the technique, person centered counselling treats every person as unique and helps them in reaching the solution. The theory follows the notion that people don’t need to be told what to do but just need some guidance to find their own way. This approach aims at fostering a close relationship between the patient and the therapist and thrives on the trust that exists between these two.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Is based on how people think about themselves and the world around them. CBT will often offer people homework sheets to help them identify this. It uses desensitization methods to help people overcome fears and phobias. CBT deals more with what is happening in the here and now, rather than the past. It is best for treating deep set fears.


This counselling approach takes the retrospective effect of a patient’s life into equation. The technique tends to deal more with the past, the relationships we had with our parents, siblings, caregivers and how this affects our relationships today.

Transactional Analysis

This counselling technique follows the way two people communicate with one another. There are many unhelpful mind games that we tend to play, especially in close relationships and matters involving social status. The approach helps the patient in identifying these games that are proving to be detrimental to his/her happiness and mental peace. It is widely used by counsellors in couple’s therapy and solving relationship based issues.

The above offers a very brief and concise explanation of the different counselling techniques being used by therapists around the world. Hopefully, it will help you understand your own treatment a little better.

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