Amazing Africa,

By Emily

Africa's Amazing Animals,

There are a lot of amazing animals of Africa Lions, cheetahs, african elephants, and giraffes live on grasslands. Lowland Gorilla live in congo. Cap Zebra live a in south Africa. Africa has more animals in the past then it has now because they have been shot and have been used to be made into clothes.

Interesting Life In The Country,

A lot people in Africa live in little villages. People in Africa have strong ties to their families or tribes. Some africans raise cattle. They move from place to place to find food for them and their animals. Some people move to different places to get a different job. In Africa people grow coffee, cocoa, fruits, and other crops.

Interesting Plants Of Africa,

There are a lot of amazing plants in Africa. Trees and plants grow in the forests of Africa. Ebony is a hard and dark wood. They make Ebony into furniture and sculptures. Cocoa trees and banana trees live in Africa. There are many grasslands in Africa that are called savannas.

Climates/Weather of Africa,

There are a lot of different climates in Africa. In a lot of Africa it is hot or very warm very often. By the equator the weather is rainy. All year around it is wet and warm. It is hot in the day and cold in the nighttime. On the top of the mountains it is cold and snowy. Africa is by the equator so it does get very warm on some days.

Landforms Of Africa,

Victoria falls is a beautiful sight. Victoria falls is on the Zambezi river. Africa has a lot of forest and rainforest. landforms of Africa are larg Asia is largest continent, Africa is the second largest continent. The sahara desert is the biggest desert in the world.

Productes And Resourses Of Africa,

Cocoa beans are made to make chocolate. The most common crop that a farmer will grow in Africa is cocoa and cocoa beans. Bananas, cashews, coffee, peanuts, rice, rubber,sugar, tea, wheat, and yams are other crops in Africa. Some farmers raise a lot of cattle, goats, and sheep and properly some of the world camels. In Africa fishing in lakes, rivers and oceans are very important to africans.

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