The Moon's importance.

Justin Wilson

4th hour

The moon is very important. Without it we would not have tides. Without that wonderful moon we would not have the beautiful moon phases. With the moon in the sky we will always have eclipses.

There are eight very important moon phases. There are the waxing and waning crescents, the waxing and waning gibbous's, the first and third quarters, and the full moon and new moon. The moon phases are very important. Without the moon phases we would not have known that the moon is in orbit with the Earth. The way we know about the moon phases are the way they look in the sky.

Tides are very amazing things. The moons gravitational pull on the Earth makes tides occur. When the moon is at the full and new moon phase their are high tides, when the moon is in the first and third quarter phase there will be low tides.

Eclipses are the most natural thing. There are lunar and solar eclipses. They are cause when the moon, Earth and sun are aligned perfectly. When the sun is blocked out that is called a solar eclipse. When the moon is blocked out that is called a lunar eclipse. These are important t the Earth because when telling time this will be at midnight or close to midnight.

Life with the moon is great. Without the moon we wouldn't have known why time it was. The moon would be very different without the moon. We would only have childhood memories of the moon left.

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