Wall construction

The wall construction is an important factor when planning backgrounds.  

Gypsum Wallboard

The most common building material for interior walls and ceilings.

Plastic Wallboard

A durable decorative finish that is used for interior walls. It is used in kitchens and bathrooms.


A building material usually made from plywood. It is used in all rooms.


A paste used for coating walls and ceilings. It hardens as it drys. It is usually covered with paint.


It can serve at interior and exterior walls. Cement blocks are commonly used in masonry


A covering such as wallpaper and is applied to an interior wall. Common wall treatments are paint, wallpaper, fabric, cork, ceramic tile, mirrors, glass, and reflective metals.  


Paint is an mixture of pigment and liquid the thinly coats and covers a surface. Paints vary in how glossy or shiny their surfaces look.

Enamel paints- the most gloss

Semi-gloss- they have less glossary are slightly less durable than enamel paints

Satin/eggshell finish- slight sheen and are usually used on walls.

Flat wall paints- they have no gloss

Faux finish

Faux finishes can be achieved  by applying paint to the wall with materials other than a common paint br


Is applying paint by using a cutout form to

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