8MEH.1.1 The Decision Making Process


Step 1: Situation- You have a science project that is due tomorrow and you haven't even started it yet. Suddenly your friends as k you to go to a concert tonight and its your favorite group and you want to go with them. You have a D average in science. What do you do?

Step 2: Options- go to a concert or work on your science project.

Step 3: Possible Outcomes- If you stay home and work on your project you could get it done and improve your grade. If you go to the concert with your friends you wouldn't be able to get your project done and may even lower your grade. Also you have to ask your parents first.

Step 4: Values- Science project improves your grade and might make your friends think you don't want to go with then. The concert makes you become better friends it'll be something you enjoy doing. But you will not be able to finish your project.

Step 5: Act it- I would choose the science project

Step 6: Evaluate- Science project helps your grade even though their your friend your grade is more important.

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