japanese geography

bradens jounal

January 25th, 1600

The geography affected the Japanese's lives because they feel very protected. That was my first thought when first saw Japan. They feel protected because of the water surrounding them and and all of the mountains. The major cities are near water for fishing and protection. Little of their land is suitable for farming. They use almost all of their farming land for rice, because they pretty much live off of the rice, and fish. The geography probably made their world view different from us Englishmen. From what I have learned Japan's world view is a lot of being protected and staying away from other countries. They haven't even practiced trading with other countries.Us Englishmen have fewer people and a whole lot more farmland to use. Japan learns how to live in a very busy environment considering their population. The climate is great. During the winter it rarely drops below 0*c. I am very excited to visit Japan.

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