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Consumer Insight: Confidence leads to comfort and really not giving a shit what anyone things about you. And that is freedom. And freedom is good.

I mean seriously...who doesn't want to be this guy?

Consumer Insight: A ticket is not a silly little commodity. A ticket is a silly little invitation to something amazing.

Consumer Insight: Cat owners feel like second-class citizens in the world of pet ownership. And that's kinda not cool.

Consumer Insight: The best way to own authentic british fashion that doesn't try too hard is to be authentically british in a fashionable way that doesn't try too hard.

Consumer Insight: If you're on vacation in St Barts, it's okay to pay for the extras. But when you're traveling for business somewhere in Ontario...not so much.

Consumer Insight: People are getting they're asses handed to them on a daily basis.

Consumer Insight: Columbus (circa 1999) didn't know anything about hockey. But when it came to rivalries with other cities...Columbus had a Ph.D.

Consumer Insight: Getting all your friends together can be tough.

Consumer Insight: How do you possibly come close to matching the love your dog gives you every day?

Consumer Insight: You're a whole lot more interesting when you travel.

Consumer Insight: Women are more pretty than they think.

Consumer Insight: The success of your entire vacation hinges on when you open the door to your hotel room the first time.

Consumer Insight: Guys love guy humor and inside jokes. The more inside...the better.

Consumer Insight: Clutter hurts people's relationships.

Consumer Insight: Behind every great Christmas there’s mum

Consumer Insight: Every single guy on the planet has a girl he wishes he asked out back in school. And if he could go back in time he would. But he can't. So instead, he needs to impart some wisdom.