I Turned Off Fear

Then Turned On Fearless

I Was as an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #48

“Fear has no place in the life of the believer, and it should be quickly evicted should it attempts to make a home.” JAF

Our first full work week after the holidays start tomorrow, which means some of us are already looking forward to the next holiday. If that is the case, you clearly should look into another profession!

Your job has become a chore!

New year means reboot, restart, and re-energize a new beginning. So what’s with the long face?

Can I answer that for you?

You may like some of the people you work with. You may like the boss or manager you work for. You may even like the salary you receive, however this is not making you happy, because you’re not doing what you want.

You live or exist on a short leash with restrictions, limitation, and borders. You work with closed minded people who don’t take risk, don’t like change or challenges and fight everything because it involves something new, inviting and exciting.

Now that we have two great holidays behind us and if you’re smart you didn't go overboard with spending on stuff you didn't need, accepting and buying gifts for people you may of my not like, just to stand in another line, which you swear you wouldn't, to return more stuff you don’t want.

With the economy on a tear and the stock market as of close of business 01/02/15

S&P 500


-0.70 (0.03%)



+9.92 (0.06%)



-9.24 (0.20%)

All is going well, just not well for all! Our nation’s people are still feeling the pinch and we must take a stance, not during the general or midterm election. We must make our stance and voices heard now!

I wanted to share my last three posts. All in one location with family, friends, followers, connect, business partners, vendors, lenders, elected official, party leaders from both sides of the aisle, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, youth groups, financial organization; academic professional, legal scholars and all those looking for a plan, because you either didn't have one or you’re following the same agenda of the past.

My last three posts were directed towards one mishap, Thank you Microsoft. The years to come, for those willing to take risk and what I believe it will take to be successful!

2015 is the year of the employee, should the employee want it! Workers are demanding better pay and some employers are listening. The union wanted better health care and government made it happen. Those states which got on board are now reaping the benefits.

Now, employee and citizens, we can’t get complacent, there is still a lot of work to be done. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon! Wages are still too low; healthcare is still under attack, union’s cow tail and run or their in bed with the very organization it should be fighting against. We must hold all our official at all levels accountable for their short comings and wrongdoing, as they do us.

2015, we shall turn our fear into fearlessness!

Standing for something going forward is a win, win and will work, because falling for anything has given us nothing but struggle, income inequality, hard times, police brutality, racial tension, cut’s in social progress, obstruction, dysfunction and a host of other unmentionables.

As we take on another year do you and you’re a favor. Set yourself, your team, your family, your friends and your business on a plan for success. Your future will thank you for it!

I got tired of hearing the system is broken and decided to do something about it.

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project & Financial Fitness Gym

I’m living my dream and sharing my passion for financial wellness with restoring faith to those who need guidance related to personal financial matters. The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym will aid citizens in combating the complexities of the monetary and financial structure.

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What kind of future do you want?