Email Etiquette

Alberto Novoa - 21st Century Literacy

*One of the worst things you can do in an e-mail is capitalize every letter you type, why? because writing in capital letters is like yelling and it can offend people.

*One thing that will really annoy people in e-mail's is if you send a bunch of attachments, as well as annoy it can bring down their e-mail system, plus you would have to have very good virus scanner.

*Whatever you do Do Not Reply to spam, if you do this you will just end up getting more and more spam, unless thats what you want, the best thing to do is just delete it, you will get less spam and less danger to your computer or e-mail.

*A smart thing to do is to check your e-mail before you send it, check for spelling or grammar errors.

*When you are typing a business e-mail try not to use emoticons or abbreviations because business letters are formal letters and the recipient might not know what the emoticon or abbreviation mean.

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