Jean Montalescot
The man who everyone believes in

Jean Montalescot is the entrepreneur that everybody should look up to. He has gone from innovation to innovation, not always with success, but always with a new idea and improvement for his next project. His bank account now holds approximately 150 billion euros. He has refused to give any of it to charity, but that is forgivable, knowing what his childhood was like...

Jean was born in Soviet Russia. He was born in a family of Spetsnaz agents, and so he was moving around the continent quite a lot. He ended up living in Paris for 6 years, and when he came back to Moscow, he was being laughed at because of his accent. People tripped him up in the corridors, but they always ended up running away because he was so strong and people where told not to mess with him. At the age of 15, he left Moscow and he went to Amsterdam. He was in a small school which was in extremely dramatic conditions. The rules hadn't changed for the last 90 years and you had to give them a lot of money so that they could make the school "better". He was beaten up quite often, since all the rich kids ganged up against him because he was Russian.

When he realized at the age of 18 that Europe wasn't good enough for him, he decided to move to North Korea. There, he met a friend called Kum Jong Un. They both got a loan from the bank and started to work on a new invention which would get people out of North Korea and into Russia to help the Spetsnaz in their future conquests. They realized that there was a gigantic gap in the market, since no one had come up with such an invention before. They ended up coming with a door that would teleport you to a Spetsnaz camp in Medvezhyegorsk.

They managed to sell the service of going through this teleporting door to many North Koreans, but they never payed the North Korean banks back. They used the Spetsnaz to come from Russia to their country and kill all the bankers.

They then realized that they should expand the market and sell tickets to people in Europe. That didn't work out so well, since many people still kept the image of Jean as being the strong russian that people ganged up against to beat up. But when he realized the Spetsnaz was too big and didn't have enough fire power, he took the calculated risk of borrowing from the Americans to buy more guns.

This turned out to be a great success. The Russian Government spent 3 billion euros in guns for its army so that it could destroy America.

After even more ventures started by his great mind, Jean Montalescot has shown great determination and risk taking skills. We think that he is the personality of the year and that without him, our world would still be full of prejudice generated by people that came from places like the BSA.

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