Jenna Bowers Bryanton

Bullying Can be verbal and phisical

The life of Jenna Bowers Bryanton

In January 2011, Jenna Bowers Bryanton, 15, committed suicide after being bullied and cyber bullied by her peers. People were telling her that she was no good, fat, ugly, that she can't sing, calling her names and that she might as well kill herself. The death of Jenna a Nova Scotia girl has started a campaign to end cyber bullying. Jenna of Belmont, was harassed at school and through a social networking site.

Jenna loved to sing and play her guitar. She was a very talented young lady. All of her friends said that "She was like a shining star. She lit up a room," She was very pretty and who ever bullied her made the worst mistake every no kid should ever go through this.

For the past 10 or so years more and more people have realized that bullying is such a big problem and want to help stop it. So over these years at school, home, shows, mettings, everything. You see either presentaions, books, tv commercials and a lot more just because its that big of a problem. I think that if we keep teaching everyone by doing shows, pressentaions people will be more educatted about the subjet and things will change. Hopefully bulling will stop well a least most of it.

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