Mace Watts - Managing Partner

Mace Watts is no stranger to hard work. Since working as a Director of Sales and Marketing for BlueGreen Golf Corporation in 2000, Watts has kept his enthusiasm for sales, marketing, and management alive. With BlueGreen Golf Corporation and another highly reputable coastal waterfront developer client, Mace Watts planned, managed and implemented a unique sales and marketing strategy that was responsible for successfully selling over three thousand homesites to retail lot buyers for a lot sales volume that exceeded over $350 million. Watts was instrumental in recruiting and training talented sales professionals and created an outbound marketing program and lead generation process that created access to new clients. Watts also acted as the company spokesperson for off-site and on site sales events.

As his career would have it, Mace Watts never left the sales and marketing industry. From 2008 and continuing to today, Watts owns and operates Level 10 Sales and Marketing. As the President of Sales and Marketing , Watts grew his network as he consulted with a vast amount of high-end, amenity-rich communities predominately in the southeastern United States.

During a Launch event in November, Mace Watts planned and managed a one weekend event to sell 49 island, waterfront and oceanfront estate on the island of Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Watts handled sales management and training, as well as the development of internal sales procedures and processes for the company. Watt’s marketing development strategy was implemented for the company. The promotion was conducted using Watts’ proprietary “Fly and Buy” sales event approach. This approach seven informative private events and one weekend property release. The event was a success.

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