How To Build A Universe

                         by Kaedin Richards

It took a few billion years to build our universe.Because for all the little bits of rock and soil to join together over that amount of time. Jupiter got close to sun and nearly hit it but the sun sent wave of light and blew jupiter into place.However no one can survive in space without oxygen.  



what you need in your universe,
first you need star dust because every thing is made out of it .
You need the earth to be in the right position because it is critical for it to be .So now you are half way there maybe one more thing you need is life, bright colours, dark colours and the blue sky.

Mars holds a volcano taller then Mt everest it is probably a super volcano it is actually very rocky but you still will die because it's space.

neptune is the last planet in our solar system it is the coldest planet.      
It has freezing cold gases it is probably more freezing then antarctica it's hundreds of degrees below zero.

the sun
The sun holds yellow red molten lava and it can burn anything.It also holds toxic gases it is the hottest planet out of all of the planets.the sun gives us light so we can see but still it does have to be in the right place so we can see.

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