Edgar Allen Poe's writings and career.

        When Poe was young he attended the University of Virginia school and was a very intelligent person. In 1827, Poe joined the United States Army where he wrote his first poems. Poe wrote various poems while he was in the army, although these poems did not receive any attention or popularity. After serving for the army, Poe moved in with his aunt in Baltimore, Maryland. This is where Poe began to pursue his career of writing.

While living with his aunt, Poe wrote most of the things that he is now famous for. These include “The Raven”, “The tell-tale heart”, and “The fall of the house of usher”. Poe wrote many different kinds of things such as poetry, short stories, lots of essays and book reviews, a textbook, and even a book of scientific theory.

-Interesting Fact: Poe had written enough poetry to publish a book by the time he was thirteen.

Poe gained a reputation of writing very scary horror stories and was very well known for this. He continued writing things until 1849 when he died mysteriously.