5G Homework - 29th May

Writing - Choose Your Challenge

Introducing the Fuzzle!

Far away from here, in a distant land that few people have heard the name of before (let alone visited), there lives a fuzzle. Well, fuzzles, to be exact. You see, there is a family of them!

Shy and elusive creatures, fuzzles keep themselves to themselves, and therefore are rarely seen by human beings. Their fuzzlets (young fuzzles) are even shyer, but have been spotted occasionally clinging onto their mother’s back.

As you have probably guessed, this is a story all about fuzzles. You are about to find out what extraordinary creatures they really are…

Choose 1 of the following..

Can you continue the story about the elusive fuzzles?

Alternatively, you could write a non-chronological report about them, or even a newspaper report about a fuzzle sighting!


What kind of creature do you think a fuzzle is?

Is it similar to any other animals you know?

What do you think fuzzles eat?

Are they friendly towards humans?

How big do you think they are?

What are fuzzles good at?

What are their homes like?

Extra Challenge?

A parenthesis is a word or a phrase put into a sentence to give it more information.

Sometimes a parenthesis is in italics, sometimes it is in (brackets), sometimes there is a dash – and sometimes it has ‘inverted commas’ around it.

Parentheses are used to:

Explain what a difficult word means.

Show someone’s thoughts

Add extra information to help the reader

Emphasise a point

Can you use brackets to add extra information?

E.g. Fuzzles (which are rarely seen by humans) have long fur.

Alternative Writing Activity

Write a piece based on your Scratch game OR create a story in Scratch.


Continue with the Mathletics Challenge over the weekend


Choose a Tic Tac Toe activity.