The Little Rover That Could

Planet Intelicato

The Emily Rover just arrived on planet Intelicato. This planet is very dark because it is so far away from the sun. This will make it very hazardous for the rover. Much of the planet consists of sharp tall mountainous peaks that appear dark brown. These peaks are all different sizes, but the tallest is the size of the Himalayas. The sky is mainly red because of the atmosphere around the planet. There is no sign of life on the planet. In order to get across the planet, the Emily Rover is going to need an antenna so it can receive and send messages to Earth. It will also need cameras so NASA scientists can see what the planet looks like and help the Rover maneuver around. In order to get around on my planet, the Emily Rover is going to need wings with thrusters that allow it to fly and stay in a single position while collecting samples. It will also need headlights because the planet is so dark. This will allow NASA to see where the rover is going and what the rover is looking at. The goal of our mission is to collect samples from planet Intelicato. The Emily Rover will collect fragments from the mountainous peaks using the rock abrasion tool found on the rover. When the samples are examined through the microscope on the Emily Rover, they appear to be a shiny metal ore with tiny holes throughout the metal. The scientists conclude that the planet is made mostly of a rare metal called Yttrium when the samples are analyzed further using the X-ray spectrometer.