"Live like Spongebob, laugh out loud all day without any reason and annoy all the mean people with your happiness."


I Believe

I believe in the power of happiness ,

the love of friends and family,

the laughs you share with people,

the peace in your life,

the freedom,happiness, love, and friendship,

But I don't believe in unhappiness.

I believe in people encouraging others,

I believe in friends lifting each other up,

I believe in family showing love for each other,

being there for others, caring for others , encouraging you to be happy,

And I believe in being yourself so you can be happier.

The words I live by

Live like Spongebob, laugh out loud all day without any reason and annoy all the mean people with your happiness. It means to spend every day as happy as you can be and don't let nobody change that.

I got my credo off the internet while i was looking up quotes to live by. My family does tell me to be happy everyday and brush all the bad things away. They told me to be happy about who I am and what I'm going to become as I grow older.

I believe its important to always be happy and joyful because if your happy and somebody else isn't you could help them by cheering them up and making them feel better. Its important to stick to being happy because you wont get anywhere in life being upset and mad all the time. You have to make yourself block out all the bad things that make you happy and tune in the thats that make you happy.

My credo might change but i doubt it will. I see my joyfulness and happiness coming together and making everyone happier when there sad maybe my happiness will rub off on them and they’ll be happy to. It will shape my future as me growing up being happy with my life and loving the one I live.

My Credo is signifiant to me because it tells you to be happy and just be yourself. I would challenge people to follow my credo by trying to be happy instead of being sad. I would challenge them because maybe they would like being happy more than being mad and upset all the time. It would be beneficial for people to listen to the words of this credo so they would think about there life and reconsider the way they are.

By Tanya Thomas

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