In the picture we see a Carolina Rice Planter playing a banjo in a field.

Why isn't he planting rice?

Was the banjo a popular instrument back then or was it unpopular?

Would the planters have breaks where they could talk, eat or enjoy themselves?

Band of the Jaw-Bone John-Canoe

What kind of music these kind of bands play?

What is the instrument that the guy in the middle play, and why is there someone carrying it for him?

Did the kid get Cancer because they smoked around him?

In this image we see the routes of where slaves were shipped to which is either South America, North America, Europe and Asia?

What country received the most slaves from Africa?

Why were people so Lazy to be farmers and want slaves to do the work for them?

What percentage of slaves went to Europe and Asia?

In the image there is a line following a cart with a Dead man as this was a Funeral.

Would they always do this for Funerals or would they do something different every time?

Why would they have a line behind the cart carrying the Dead person?

How long would they walk when their was a Funeral?

African American Farmers tending to their little Farm.

Would African Americans be allowed to have farms?

Would the farms be really small?

What other kind of livestock would they have other than Chickens?

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