My Dream House

By.Eva S. EGS

My house would be out in the country with all of my stuff and I have a lot of stuff that is going to be in my house and 3 garages so let's get started.

Kitchen: In my kitchen will be light brown cabinets. There will be a gray sinks in my kitchen and it will be bigger then the small ones. There will be a gray refrigerator that is bigger the the regular ones. There would be a coffe maker pluged in to the wall by the oven. The oven is like a regular oven. The microwave will be by the coffe maker in the counter. On top of the coffee maker is a home phone.Then there will be at least 20 cabinets because there will be a lot of food for holidays and things like that and there is a spot for all our silverware in one spot and then there will be spots in the cabinet for all of our food in the kitchen will be lights and there will be wall tiles for the outlining of my kitchen. My Will be connected to my kitchen. I thought I could do this because it would help with more space and see you want to have the kitchen in like two rooms away from the dining room. And that is why I'm going to have my room with my kitchen.   Pantry: okay now we are going to be talking a bout the pantry the pantry is white just like the kitchen there will be a couple in there for cereal there'll be a door like a closet kind of but the the doors to the pantry. In the pantry  there will be a couple like seasoning everything and you can't have too much stuff in there because it be crowded and don't apples in there because they were rot over time.

Landscape: On my landscape will be a couple of garages my garages will be for everything that I have like holiday stuff. And another one will be a party or just to hang out for a birthday. Circle the pond in the middle. Then there will be a big tree away from the pond in the treehouse will be for my kids or maybe a fun and that will be a pool slide down from and and a slide to slide down.

I will have a pool that is pretty big a little fireplace. There will be a slider slide. That is in the back of my house and by the pool my back another fireplace and friends come Over for special occasions or just to have fun. I will have a Harley Davidson part in my garage that my friends can fix that or make things in that part of my garage. And that is my landscape in my landscape has to be pretty big to fit all that stuff in there.

Bathrooms: I have 5 bathrooms In my house and they go to each room in the house they are big bathrooms. I have a bathtub or a hot tube in the bathrooms. In my bathroom have a a shower and a bathtubs and a hot tube and my bathroom will have to be big to have all of the stuff in it. The bathroom colors are the same colors at the room is and some of them are small and some of them are big and my bathroom is the bigges because it has s my bathroom and I'm a girl and girls need there room and I know that because in am a girl.

Upstairs: Upstairs is going to be my sports room. If there is a big game or something going on we will go up there and I will invite friends to my house and we will have a good time. The floor with be a smaller football filed as the floor. There will be two hot tube and a really big water prof flat screen tv on the wall. There will be a glowing basketball on the silling and it is going to be a light. There will be a dart board and a pool table in the sports room the have fun will watching the game. There will be a refagerater in the sports room and that is the upstairs.

To be continued.😢😄😒😝😣😞😩😓😫😨😂😢😃😚😛😥😨😗😫😛😛

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