Rome Blazes to the Ground

By Alice Gamble

        ROME  10/23/64AD-  After 10 days of suffering through the blazing hot fire, the Great Fire  was put out by locals. The Great Fire started at the stores of the Southeastern end of the  Circus Maximus. Suspects say that the fire was started by Nero Germanicus simply  because hes insane and has a lot of power. Nero has a history of little self control that was proven when he several citizens the commit suicide by his request in 60AD. Also Nero's has a reputation of killing for no reason that starts with Nero's mother killing his step farther and trying to kill Nero himself. After a interview with Julius, a close follower of Nero he refused to say if Nero was the one that started the Fire, but he did say if he was the one to start it he reason would be to build a planned villa. As if the locals lives aren't hard enough now they have to search their burnt down houses looking for what they have left, look for the bodies of loved ones that didn't make it, and clean up the 75% of Rome that's been destroyed.

Styles Changing

Over the last couple of years Roman women have become bolder in their outfit choices. Before this started to happen woman wore simple stola's And palla's. The women in the family usually left all the  money they had to spend on clothes for the men. Women now are wearing fancier dresses, makeup,  and perfume. The hair has always been important to ladies since most wear wig and/or hair pieces. We asked locals where they get such bold colors as black and blonde. Aeliana a younger citizen that always has her hair at a perfect length said " The blonde wigs are made from the German slaves hair, and the black hair is imported from India," but this hair is not easy to buy.

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