Welsh Sweetheart Terrier

A "Unique Breed" Pet

Welsh Sweetheart Terrier

With Terrier breed dogs, it can be difficult to say what's really in there.  We think this one is pretty cool though. We believe we are looking at the love-child of a Welsh Terrier or possibly a Briquet Griffon Vendeen.

Welsh Terriers are Britian-bred dogs used for hunting rodents, foxes, and badgers. Very much the "terrier", Welshes are happy, lively dogs that like to keep their nose to the ground, sniffing out everything they can. They are friendly with most people and are well suited for either country or city living. Make sure they get plenty of exercise to keep their tail wagging.

Originating in France, the Briquet Griffon Vendéen is an enthusiastic hunter that gets along very well with other animals. They are almost never possessive with anything, so food or toy aggression is unlikely with them. They love to play and make wonderful companions for children. Like the Bloodhound, Griffons are excellent trackers that can pick up old scents as well as new. They need plenty of outside time, so long walks are greatly appreciated.

*pet breed is not guaranteed

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