How do our bodies grow and why are we different heights ?

Do you want to know how your bones grow ?

What are our bones made of?

Bones are made of cells. Bones are a living part of our body. Our bones have a strong string material and it is called collagen . They are a storage place for minerals . Our bones have a jelly like red and yellow marrow. There are two layers to the bone, one is called hard bone which is the outer layer. The inner layer is called honeycomb . This is what a bone has in it.

How do bones grow?

Our bones grow in length. At either ends of our bones there are regions called growth plates. Growth occurs when cartilage cells divide and increase in number in growth plates. These new cartilage cells are found in the middle of the bone. Eventually , cartilage cells grow older and die. The space where the cartilage cells were is where new bone grows. When bone grows and has reached full size and there is no growth plates , it is the end of your growth.

How does growth in the human body work ?

The majority of linear growth occurs as growth of the cartilage on the epiphysis on the long bone which gradually ossify and form hard bone . Our legs compose to approximately half an adult human height. Growth occurs after a growth spurt of our long bones and once it has slowed down. A majority of growth happens during a growth spurt of our long bones. Additionally the variation in height between populations and across time is largely due to changes in leg length. The remainder in of height consists of cranium. Height statically its more or less distributed.


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