Florence Joyner
By: Mallory Williams

Flo Jo

          Florence Joyner is a determined and happy person. She is known as "Flo Jo," and she likes to be called that. She is married to Al Joyner. She was born December 21, 1959. All three of them things make her happy. Also all the things she wins and works for make her happy. Florence Joyner is also determined to do a lot of things. She earned a reputation as a track star at UCLA. Florence became a NCAA champion in 1982 with a victory in the 200-meter race.She also won a bunch of medals.

The hard worker

        Florence Joyner was a very competitive athlete. She took the top spot in the 400 meter several times. She won a silver medal in the 200-meter run in 1984 at the summer olympics. In 1988, Florence Joyner was in the summer olympics again and she took home 3 gold medals and a silver medal. In my opinion, that tells how Florence Joyner is a competitive athlete.

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