Othello Act V, Scene 1

"This is the night / That either makes me or fordoes me quite" (5.1.130–131).

The action is intensifying and we now witness a confrontation between Cassio and Roderigo - all driven by Iago's artful manipulation. How does this serve Iago? How does Othello misread events? How does Iago demonstrate or capitalize on misogyny (hatred or prejudice for women)?

Key Vocabulary:

1. Restitution [res tih TOO shun] - n. - an act of restoring or a condition of being restored. Example: He was ordered to make restitution to the victim.
2. Direful [DIE er ful] - adj. - dreadful, terrible
Example: After The Great War, we hoped such conflict was over, but soon direful war began again.

Analyze the character of Roderigo. Is he really a negative character, or just misled? Is he responsible for his fate? Explain with support from the play.

Be sure to watch the scene below!