Benefits of Service Offices in Kuala Lumpur

During my visit to Kuala Lumpur last year I realized the city had a huge potential for my line of business. Although there were a number of similar businesses, they had not fully utilized the potential the city carried. So after some months of laying down strategies, I decided launch my business in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Having made acquaintance with a few friends during my visit, I contacted them to help me find a suitable location to set up my office. After a week they reported that the only places they found space were not suitable for my business and advised me to try service office in Kl My! Oh! My! that was the best advice as I came to find out later of the numerous benefits serviced offices provided, these benefits include;

An excellent location

I was able to get a prime location in the CBD. This enabled me to reach a wide range of potential clients efficiently. My offices are centrally located in an easily accessible spot in the CBD.

Quality equipment and staff

With a service office in KL, I did not need to buy any office equipment or hire any staff at the office. These offices are usually fitted with high quality equipment, high speed internet connection and trained staff who handle my phone calls, read my emails as well as send mails to clients. These days I do my business from the comfort of my office in the UK where I live, I just communicate with the Kuala Lumpur office and they handle the rest on my behalf.


These service offices come with flexible terms. The service is tailored to suit a client’s specific needs. With such a service, moving offices becomes seamless since it ensures work is not halted during the moving process.

Maintenance comes as a standard

I don’t have to spend even a dime to maintain or repair the office. The service provider readily carries out all the necessary maintenance and repairs at his own expense.

These are some of the benefits I am enjoying, I am even tolerating the idea of expanding to other cities in the country using the same strategy as it is flexible and does not require my physical presence.