'Twas the week of finals...

The final flight of the semester

Welcome to finals 2014! I can hardly believe it is that time of year already, I feel as if we are about to go to Fall-Break not Winter-Break! I would just like to remind you that your final assignment of evaluating the remainder of the Team Presentations are due by 11:59 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2014. My hope is to get all the assignments graded in the grade book by Thursday evening so when you leave or log off for your Christmas Break you do not have to wonder about our class.

I have enjoyed working with you all this semester. I can honestly say you have been my favorite group to teach and to work with because you not only had great ideas and insight into our subject. You also were willing to try the new live presentation, work with me and each other and not complain if things did not go perfectly - you rolled with it! I feel that I have learned this semester from you each as you have helped me grow as an instructor. My hope is that you too have learned from our time together and will be able to use some of the topics and ideas in your college career and off into your professional career too.

Good luck and have a wonderful holiday break!


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