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Blog 1 - People should be fit and strong and if you're not then you get ridiculed

In English this term I have been reading the book Lord of the Flies, the book is about British boy aged 6-12, surviving on an island after their plane crashes. The boys starts a group called "The Losties" when they find out there is another group on the island called "The Others". One of the survivors Jack leaves the group and makes his own group getting other survivors, Simon says that "The Others" are not real and everybody disagrees with him so he is killed for that.

The cultural assumption that the author William Golding accepts and goes with instead of standing up for it and rejecting it. Ralph, the protagonist always ridicules Piggy, a character in the book, and calls him names. The cultural assumption that they follow is the skinny and fit kids ridiculing the fat and unfit kids and bullying him. This relates to William Golding's childhood because he was frustrated by kids and felt good bullying them so he relates in the novel by bullying Piggy and not letting him have a decision. This is extremely biased against Piggy, because he is only trying to help out. This is shown again in the book when the other boys ridicule and laugh at Piggy because of his asthma, lifestyle and when they tease him about his size.

I think William Golding made an obese and oversized character on purpose because the time in the 1950's when the wars were on and the men were trying to have the occupation of army and defence force. The people that were obese and unfit and didn’t make that occupation were seen as letting down the county and not being helpful.

This book is so interesting and I love reading it so far, I am also writing about a few more cultural assumptions in the book as I read through it.

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2 years ago

Hello Harry, I like your blog as it give a brief outline of the story, shows a cultural assumption, gives examples and relates to the time of the book and writers life. I like how you split the paragraphs into three main points. Summary, assumption and authors links. You have summed up the story well but I noticed a few mistakes like where you wrote ''One of the survivors Jack leaves the group'' and probably should have put commas around Jack. It is easy to tell what cultural assumption you have chosen as you have outlined it well. You have used quotes to explain your summary and example to back up your assumptions but some more quotes about your assumption could have affirmed your point more. You linked the book to the context of the time it was written very well making it easy to see where the author got some of his inspiration from. I quite liked how you directly related the author to one of the characters by showing that they both bullied as children. In the last paragraph you talked about why the author put an obese kid in the book and by doing this you explained his thoughts on this assumption nicely. The only thing that I see as similar in our books is that the author enjoys challenging cultural assumptions.Great work Harry.