Slender loris

Slender loris have hands like humans, small ears, and big eyes so that they can survive.


The slender loris is like a monkey. They live in swamps and rainforest. The average temperature is 26.7*c(80.1*f) in the Deciduous forest.

Some of the plants that live there are moss, lady fern, pecan, white birch, and, arrowwood.

The slender loris is not very big in fact they are prity small. 26 to 38 cm from head to tail and weighing between 1 and 2.1 kg. The slender loris eats fruit, nut, and basically any thing they can find.


Some animals that live with the slender loris are: white tailed deer bald eagle black bear coyote and the red squirrel.

Rapped proses

There can be a fire in the rain forest. If that were to happen it would take a long time to clean up if it were to be a bigger fire it will take differint amounts of time it will take. The mad thery stands for move adapt or die.

Animals that will move are:   Birds, deer, and, squirrels

Animals that would adapt are: birds, deer, sow loris (slender loris) and, squirrels

Animals that could die are: birds, sow loris, deer, and, squirrels

Fun facts

The slender loris likes rice balls. They are eligle to have. It is the largest species of slow loris. They are very smart. They also love to be tickled. When they get mad they are posinis.

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