Summer Vacation

Ashlen Raskell

This summer I did a ton of fun things! For example I did of cheerlading, went white water rafting, camping, went to the lake! For cheer leading I went to a 1 week cheer camp called camp gifford you woke up at 6am and started your day of, of cheer! when we went white water rafting I fell out of the boat and I got stuck in the middle of the rapids on a rock without a life jacket. I also went to the melting pot for the first time!

Hoopfest was a success🌟
This was before skyhigh with Brooklyn and it was so much fun well I love u soooooooo much Brooklyn!!! 😘😘😘
Date night with my daddy at the melting pot!
Tubing with Alina @alinahelbling100

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