Topcar presents Russia-worth Porsche Macan Ursa

Anyone familiar with Russian aftermarket firm Topcar, is well aware of the company's affinity towards presenting outlandish designs, opulent interiors and basically, anything that screams "rubles" as loudly as possible. At next week's Moscow Motor Show, the firm will do just that with its take on the new Porsche Macan crossover, which it calls "Ursa." But I already have pics of the car available here, and it lives up to everything I've come to expect from Topcar.

On the exterior, the Macan gains carbon hood vents and front aprons, with fender additions on the side and carbon-fiber elements within. A rear-diffuser, roof spoiler and matching lip spoiler complete the exterior changes, joined by six-spoke rims from ADV.1 wheels. Inside, black and mauve two-tone leather covers the doors, dash and seats, with carbon trim abound.