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W.C. Handy

That art work seen above represents the pattern, and emotions that was heard in the song St. Louis Blues

W.C. Handy: 1875-1958 Father of the Blues

  William Handy grew up in a log cabin with his family. His family was poor. William worked odd jobs. He wanted to buy a guitar but his father was strict and would not allow William to own one. His father was a minister, so he thought all music was sinful except church music. W.C.Handy is known as Father of the Blues. We care for him so much because he brought the Blues to us. That is why he is so important to the Blues. So much people love the Blues that they try to listen to Handy’s work. Over 100 people love his music. And that is why he is known as the Father of the Blues.

My opinion of the Blues and/or W.C.Handy is that the Blues is sad. However not all Blues music is sad, sometimes it’s very happy. Especially when they have Louis Armstrong. I’ll be totally honest with you I don’t really like the Blues that much. The reason why is because I’m the opposite of the Blues. I don’t like sad music. W.C. Handy made the Blues, he created it, he invented it, he is known as the Father of the Blues.

I’m not a fan of the Blues, but some people think it’s pretty good. There are no possibilities on whether or not people like or dislike the Blues. I’m not going to lie i’ve seen people play the Blues as sad and happy, but never at the same time. It sounds sounds so weird. But you never know, it might sound cool to you.  

Carl Orff

  • Born in  Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary schools
  • Found a school for Music and Movement
  • His school was hit by a bomb during World War II - thankfully the school was closed at the time
  • Carmina Burana is his most popular composition
  • He taught other teachers how to teach music.
  • Discharged from services the following year, Orff continued to work as a conductor, accepting further positions in Mannhiem and Darmstadt during the 1918-1919 seasons.
  • In 1946, he composed Astutuli.
  • He studied at the Munich Academy of, graduating in 1914.

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