Previously On...

1. Books, old homework sheets, and study guides scatter the floor. The BIG test in coming upon us all and Natalie wants to get an A on all of her test. She does not want to end this school year on a bad note and hopes that every year she can do the same. Natalie is tired. Restless. And busy.

2. Barnes and Nobles is having a special... Books are being given out for free! Just by reading eight books and recommending them to whomever you think they'd like each book you've read best. Natalie is excited that this is available, but will the books be in stock for as long as it takes her to read eight books? Only available from May 9th to September 7, 2015 or while supplies last.

3. It is coming to the end of the school year and Natalie is excited for what is to come. She hopes she gets enough awards to make her parents proud of her. Her test scores will come soon and she will see how she did on her STAAR and 9 weeks exam. At the end of the year, she hopes she doesn't have a rough landing. Summer will come and her birthday. She will miss her friends, but will see them again next year, knowing that she will move on to 7th grade.