Far Away?

That’s no excuse not to enjoy a Cleveland Orchestra concert. And don’t let that influence anyone else you know from not attending. Here are some pointers to help set up a carpooling system for easily getting a group down to Severance Hall.

  • Make a Facebook group (“Cleveland Orchestra Carpooling”) or some other method for communication with a group of people. Get in contact with as many people as you can who are interested in attending concerts and add them to this group.
  • Identify the people with cars. Have people with cars notify everyone who they are, how many they can fit, what dates they are interested in going down, and when and where to meet on concert days.
  • Have fun with it:
    • Dress classy and have fun looking good.
    • Get your ears ready with a taste of the nights concert or play some other fun music on the car ride there.
    • Make plans before or after the concert to get some food or hang out somewhere.
  • Add more people, and do it again! Make plans for the next concert you all want to see and be creative and fun with carpooling and attending concerts!