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Kush a Land of everlasting Glory

Kush was beside Egypt the greatest kingdom in Africa. It was located along the Nile south to Egypt. The most important accomplishments in ancient Kush were:

1600-1100 B.C.E, Gold, Kush had many gold mines and was also called Nubia (gold). Kush was also famous for trading gold and other precious minerals.

730-650 B.C. E., Kush in control of Egypt, Kush controlled Egypt after Egypt fell into political chaos. Their goal was to rebuild Egypt's former glory.

590-410 B.C.E., Iron weapons and tools, after being defeated by the Assyrians in Egypt, Kush started to make iron weapons as protection. Kush had to find a new capital after it was destroyed by the Assyrians, Meroe the new capital had all the resources needed to make iron weapons.

300’s B.C.C-350 C.E, Kush defended itself against Rome and they signed a peace treaty. Kush and Rome fought for over 3 years.

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