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Young Montague and Capulet found dead (Article)

On July 16, 1546 Romeo Montague (18) and Juliet Capulet (14) were found dead lying together in the tomb. We were told that Romeo and Juliet were married. “They married a couple days ago. They wanted to keep it a secret so Lord Caplet and Lord Montague wouldn’t call for war.” said the nurse. We have reasons to believe Juliet did not want to get married to Paris because she was already married to Romeo. She then killed herself because she refused to marry Paris. We believe Romeo, who was banished at the time, then returned to Verona and killed himself over Juliet. “He spoke of her as if she was his everything” Friar Lawrence said. He then continued saying “At first I was skeptical about marrying them but then I realized this may actually bring the Montague’s and the Capulet’s back together and end this feud.” Both, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s, were devastated by their loss. “This is all their fault. Those Capulet’s killed Romeo. If they wouldn’t have pushed her, they both would still be alive.” Lady Montague stated. We ask that everyone pray for both of the families and hope they end their feuds. May they rest in peace.


Was it really love or was it just lust? In my opinion, it was love because I don’t think that someone would kill their selves over someone that they don’t even know. They must had deep feelings for each other in order to get married even if their parents don’t want to and then turn around and kill their selves because they cant be together. If they were just lusting over each other then they would have just left each other alone afterwards or at least not killed themselves over each other. Also why would they marry in secret if they didn’t love each other and truly want to be with each other. I think “was it just lust” is even out of the question because even though we didn’t know them we could tell that they were in love by the way they talked to each other and acted around each other.

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