The Franklin

Kaitlin Levitre and Becky Raymond


Indirect characterization:

p.11 lines 335

"Delightful living was the goal he'd won"

The Franklin is a free landowner of nobility. His expertise is entertainment and he finds pleasure in hosting and serving his guests. He is a proud and friendly man.

P.11 lines 341

"His bread and ale were always right well done"

He is always prepared for his guests and any newcomers with food and wine.

P.11 lines 357

"a dagger and a trinket bag of silk hung from his girdle"

The Franklin is wealthy. He can afford expensive things like silk and servants.


Direct Characterization:

P.11 lines 332

"White was his beard as is the white daisy"

He has a white beard.

P. 11 lines336-337

"For he was Epicurus' very son, that held opinion that a full delight/Was true felicity, perfect and right."

Following Epicurus' general philosophy, he believed that the way to happiness was through pleasure. Therefore, he was a generous and giving man who offered pleasure to all that he encountered by providing food and drink.

P. 12 lines  336

"And often acted as a knight of shire."

The Franklin engages in public services as a knight of shire and is an essential part of the community.



1. hospitable

2. greathearted

3. cheerfully optimistic

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