Career research project by Storm Lawson Air force security force
Emergency management and response, law and weapons

For the first year of being in the Air Force the salary is 18 thousand. Some related careers are combat control and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) I decided this field or something similar because my family is mainly military and I wanted to follow into my brother's footsteps and have the life they have in the Air Force. I would also like to join for the benefits I would get and because I would like to serve for our country and protect our people. I also would be able to have free college and I decided the Air Force out of the other military branches because Air Force has more benefits. The Air force has many career choices and they are all different. There is still schooling that you would have to go through and plus college courses. As a security force I protect the military bases of who comes and goes and I go through combat. The community college that is in the Air Force has a flexible time of when you can be there it has off and on duty Airmen. Also you would be able to gain college credit for doing your job which helps makes your job easier if you learn about it. Another benefit is when I am on vacation I can go anywhere I want for free and even take an aircraft.

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